It’s GIF-tober!

Looking for some artistic inspiration? Blursday got ya turned around? Remedy both of these by transforming this October, into GIF-tober! We’re following the same prompts from Jake Parker’s popular Inktober, but adding our own digital spin by using GIFs as our medium.

Pick and choose just a couple prompts that speak to you, or challenge yourself to complete one GIF each day. Post your GIFs in our dedicated Discord channel, or on our Facebook page.

Coffee & Keyframes

To go along with GIF-tober, we’re hosting several Coffee & Keyframes online hangouts this month! These are informal gatherings on Discord where we chat, share our screens showing works-in-progress, and just generally support each other. Here are the dates:

  1. Tuesday Oct 4th morning
  2. Thursday Oct 13th afternoon
  3. Wednesday Oct 19th evening
  4. Saturday Oct 22nd morning or afternoon

The Prompts

Inktober 2022 Official 2022 Prompt List
1. Gargoyle
2. Scurry
3. Bat
4. Scallop
5. Flame
6. Bouquet
7. Trip
8. Match
9. Nest
10. Crabby
11. Eagle
12. Forget
13. Kind
14. Empty
15. Armadillo
16. Fowl
17. Salty
18. Scrape
19. Ponytail
20. Bluff
21. Bad Dog
22. Heist
23. Booger
24. Fairy
25. Tempting
26. Ego
27. Snack
28. Camping
29. Uh-oh
30. Gear
31. Farm
@inktober #inktober #inktober2022
Official Inktober Prompts

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