The Minnesota After Effects User Group

The official After Effects user group in the Twin Cities area.

The Minnesota After Effects User Group is dedicated to bringing After Effects users together to network, show off their work, get help from other artists, and learn. We meet roughly every month, currently over Google Meet.

Each meet up features time to talk with other members, a presentation or discussion topic, and an opportunity to show off work or get help. Even though we’re online, events are still BYOB.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events.

News & Updates

  • What’s New in After Effects in 2023
    So 2023 came and went in what seemed like a flash! But the After Effects team wasn’t standing still. 5 point releases were put out over 2023 taking After Effects from 23.2 to 24.1. We saw some nice quality of…
  • What’s New in AE – December 2022
    We’ll be covering both the October (23.0) and December (23.1) releases in this post. After Effects v23.0 has several great quality-of-life (QoL) features. Some of them might seem small, but they add up to some great time and workflow saving!…
  • AI Case Study: Leo and the Scary Noise
    AI has infiltrated just about every aspect of the animator’s workflow all the way from script writing to final composite. And very soon the public will have access to text to video AI tools as well. But what can we…