What’s New in After Effects in 2023

So 2023 came and went in what seemed like a flash! But the After Effects team wasn’t standing still. 5 point releases were put out over 2023 taking After Effects from 23.2 to 24.1. We saw some nice quality of life features like the Properties Panel moving out of beta to some shiny new features like 3D model imports!

Here’s a list of the headlining features of all the releases from 2023…

December 2023 (24.1)


  • 3D Model Import
  • Image Based Lighting
  • Advanced 3D Renderer
  • Extract Lights & Cameras (GLB, GLTF)
  • 3D Snaping
  • Refreshed Animation Presets

October 2023 (24.0)


  • Next Gen Roto Brush
  • OpenColorIO Workflow Enhancements
  • New Scripting Hooks for Text & Fonts
  • CC Composite Update
  • HEVC & h.264 Hardware Acceleration on Intel Integrated GPUs
  • R3D Hardware Acceleration on Windows

August 2023 (23.6)


  • Essential Properties added to Properties Panel
  • Bug Fixes

May 2023 (23.4)


  • Properties Panel (Transforms, Shapes, Text)
  • Effects Manager (Repair)
  • Start & Repair in Preferences
  • Logical File Sorting in Project Panel
  • 3D Gizmo Snapping
  • Track Matte Pick Whip
  • Support for Sony Venice 2 and iPhone Cinematic formats

Feb 2023 (23.2)


  • OpenColorIO and Aces Color Management

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