New in AE – June 2022

Since this is our first new features post, we want to highlight the new features that have been released so far this year through the June 2022 release. These will be highlights and summaries. For full release notes you can visit Adobe’s New Feature Summary for After Effects.

June 2022 (v22.5)

A pretty light release. Some text updates mostly for right-to-left languages, and several bug fixes.

May 2022 (v22.4)

One headlining feature made it to the May 2022 release: a preference to automatically separate dimensions for position properties. If you’re someone who’s always right-clicking layer positions to get separate X and Y (and Z) position properties, you can save a few clicks by making this automatic.

April 2022 (v22.3)

This was a big one. So many great additions in this release! Apple M1 support, integration, extended 3D viewport, Scene Edit Detection, 3D binning indicators, coach marks, and constrained shapes.

Back in April Adobe completed their purchase and integration of and now everyone with a basic Frame account. It’s a nice little bonus and makes sending out renders for review so much easier.

The extended 3D viewport was in beta for a while. It uses the Draft 3D view mode, but when enabled it’s essentially a game render engine that shows your assets outside the bounds of the render frame. It’s another one of those things that has me almost wanting to make every layer 3D just for this feature.

What about the beta?

Two really nice quality-of-life features are now in the beta: the all-new Properties panel and color keyframes.

The Properties panel is limited in scope for now, but it exposes things you’d normally have to spend several clicks twirling open timeline layers to see. It also makes browsing around shape layer groups much easier.

Color keyframes are one of those things that sounds unnecessary… until you use them. Mark all your transition in keyframes one color, and your outs another. Mark those keyframes you still have to get around to finessing. And select grouped keyframes with a right-click and “Select Keyframe Label Group” to nudge and retime all those keyframes with the same label.

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