Give Adobe Feedback on Two New Beta Features

If you’ve been digging into the After Effects public beta builds, you know it’s a great way to test out some upcoming features. In the latest beta, the After Effects team introduced two big new features for testing — a redesigned composition toolbar and a new 3D ground plane button.

The AE team is openly calling for feedback on these two new features. They’re not clear on the best avenue to submit that feedback. But comments on the blog post or submitting through User Voice are probably the best bets.

If you’re not already using the beta, it’s pretty easy (and safe) to get started.

  1. Open up the Creative Cloud App
  2. Find “Beta apps” at the bottom of the category list in the sidebar
  3. Click ”Install” on “After Effects (Beta)”

This is a completely separate After Effects installation, so no need to worry about blowing away your current version of AE.

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