June 2021 Recap: Essential Graphics & Templates

This month we covered the Essential Graphics panel in After Effects. Co-manager Paul Conigliaro demonstrated how the seemingly simple Essential Graphics panel can unlock a new way of thinking about text templates, rigs, and sending graphics to Premiere Pro.

The meeting kicked off with highlighting new features in After Effects. The beta was the focus since the standard release was all bug fixes (a good thing but not necessarily exciting to talk about).

Chad provided a quick tip on using the index expression code to help with positioning and delaying multiple copies of layers to make offset animation easier.

Paul provided our main presentation covering some of the possibilities of Essential Graphics and MOGRTs. It’s a great way to templatize not just text assets for Premiere Pro, but rigs and other reusable assets inside of After Effects, too!

There will be no official meetup in July. But we’ll be having a few smaller informal activities and events to fill the time. We’ll return in August with a presentation on using Premiere Pro.

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