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Fake Drawn Me

Image of Hashi in hand drawn style over ripped paper textures

Daniel Hashimoto (“Hashi” or Action Movie Dad) has just raised the bar on tutorials. He just released a demo/tutorial on setting up a rig for giving footage a hand drawn look. The first 2 minutes alone are worth the watch. The resulting effect is pretty specific, but there’s a lot of small nuggets in here that can apply to many more styles or setups.

Mix Your Dimensions

Black & white 3D car over red city background with 2D elements

Cub Animation Studio has been sharing a lot of their works-in-progress lately. A recent example shows a great combination of 2D and 3D styling. It’s refreshing to see some non-photoreal takes on 3D recently.

August Meetup

We’re back to our regularly scheduled meetups this month! August’s meetup will feature a Premiere Pro for AE Users demonstration by member Brian W. More details to follow soon!

Premiere Pro Captioning

Screen shot of automatic transcription in use on Premiere Pro

Speaking of Premiere Pro… the July release includes automatic transcription and captioning! With a few clicks in the relatively new Text panel you can have your sequence transcribed to easily find dialogue in your edit. It’s even able to identify multiple speakers! Once you’ve corrected any mistakes, you can apply captions with a couple clicks and export a file or bake captions into your videos. 

July AE Updates

Creative Cloud render queue notification on an Apple Watch

The AE Beta saw it’s own leap forward in July, too. (If you’re not using the Beta, it installs along side the regular release. It’s worth trying!) Multi-Frame Rendering is now available for timeline previews. Combined with Speculative Preview from June’s Beta release, it feels like AE’s always ready to show you your hard work. You can also receive render queue notifications on your phone/watch with the Creative Cloud app, too!

Summer Prompt: Camping

photo of tent at near trees

We’re continuing our Camping prompt through the Summer! Check out the details on the prompt page

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