November 2017 Meeting Notes

We had a great meeting this month with Victoria Nece and Tim Kurkowski joining us remotely from the Adobe AE offices in Seattle.

We went through a slew of links and several people sharing some of their work as well. Below is a list of links (in no particular order) we took a look at over the course of the conversations.

Save Comp as Project –

Hooker –

Get the Goods: Announcing Updates to Photoshop CC, Dimension CC, and More Today | Photoshop Blog by Adobe

Lazy Nezumi Pro – Mouse and Pen Smoothing for PhotoShop

conSOLIDator by David Torno

Organize Project Assets: FREE After Effects Script by David Torno

KBar –

Prism 2 –

iExpressions 2 –

Affinity Photo

Affinity Designer

Vampire of Love on Vimeo

When is sweetest day 2018?

Light Beam preset by Paul Slemmer

Type Array preset by Paul Slemmer

Curvy Connector preset by Paul Conigliaro

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